About us

We are Karla and Emily, a mother daughter duo who teamed up after the birth of Emily's daughter, Ever in 2014. When Ever was born, Emily was unable to find the kinds of bows and headbands she was looking for. She wanted a variety of bows that were small, understated and classic. Emily turned to her mother Karla (an experienced seamstress) with the bow designs she had in mind and asked her if she thought they were something she could make. It turns out she could and did! They were exactly what Emily had imagined. Fast forward a few months and Ever was getting complimented on her bows whenever they were out and about. After a few requests for similar bows from friends, Emily and Karla decided to open up a small Etsy shop to see if they could dip their toes into the world of retail. The shop was a much bigger success than either of them could have anticipated. The bows seemed to fit a niche that needed filling. In 2017 after having outgrown their Etsy shop they launched their own shop and website here and hope to continue to serve their clients as best they can in every way. Thank you for stopping by!